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FIELD Project Cohort B (June 2024–May 2025)

The application for the second cohort (Cohort B) will be live December 1. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to receiving applications for our second cohort in the spring of 2024. Check back for more information then, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions! Email FIELD project coordinator, Emily Jendzejec at  

The FIELD project team will guide a cohort of 4-6 Catholic parishes through an education and design process and accompany them as they begin their innovation initiatives with young adults. The FIELD project team will grant up to $15,000 to participating parishes in this first year to launch and fund their initiatives.

How is the Cohort selected?

4-6 Catholic parishes from across the country will be selected based on the following criteria:

We are looking for parishes that:

  1. Are ready to try something new in their ministries in support of the spiritual lives of young adults.
  2. Are interested in engaging in renewed ways of being Church, marked by synodality and co-responsibility.
  3. Recognize the importance of including young adults in the life of the parish now, rather than those who believe young adults are simply the future of the church.
  4. Can gather a team of four committed members of the parish community that will be leaders in this work for the parish. Criteria for the team is below.

We are looking for teams who:

  1. Consist of four members
    1. The teams should consist of one parish ministry leader on staff, the pastor, and at least two parish young adults (between the ages of 23-29 and preferably involved in ministry). Teams must have one designated project coordinator. If the pastor cannot be fully involved as a team member, this will not disqualify your parish, but we do ask that you send a letter naming the ways the pastor can support the project. 
  2. Are willing to learn how to design, test, and implement creative new ministry initiatives.
  3. Are not afraid to be bold and take risks, even if it means failing, but trying again.
  4. Can commit to the full year process and engage in regular communication/check-ins.
  5. Are committed to collaborative leadership and team work.
  6. A willingness to mentor other parishes engaging in this process

1 While the USCCB considers the young adult years between ages 18-39, the Lilly Endowment, Inc, is focused in ministry with young adults ages 23-29.

Cohort B

Selected parish teams will participate in:

  • Early June 2024: Encountering one another in-person Retreat
    • In-person retreat to be held in New Orleans, dates to be determined.
    • Ongoing online learning and engagement on young adult ministry and innovation. 
  • Mid June- Early July 2024: Listening
    • Parish teams host listening sessions with local young adults.  Ongoing coaching with FIELD project team and mentors. 
  • July- Early August 2024: Discerning / pastoral planning
    • Decide on initiative goals and set budget (up to $15,000).  
    • Ongoing coaching with FIELD project team. 
  • August 2024 - Jan 2025: Launch and Implement initiatives 
    • Receive ongoing supporting and coaching from FIELD project team. 
  • February 2025 - April 2025: Evaluation
    • Cohort B teams will discern during this time with the FIELD project team the possibility of applying to partake in a second year, when Cohort C begins, as a mentoring parish.


This is an iterative process whereby three cohorts of parish teams are invited to apply to be a part of the FIELD project between 2023-2026.

How to Apply:

Make sure you have all of the part to your application before submitting. 

The application will include four parts:

  1. Team and parish information;
  2. If possible, please include a letter from the local bishop expressing support for the project and your parish's potential involvement. If this is a barrier to the parish team's applications, please let us know that you plan to inform your bishop about your participation in the project if you are selected;
  3. A short essay (250-500 words) from each team member expressing their interest in the project and their understanding of the place of young adults in the Church;
  4. Several team short answers about why your team and parish want to be involved in the FIELD Project.